Kill A Rhino To Save A Rhino

The one certainty about those who inhabit the civilized state of Texas is the presence of one sort of gun nut or another within its boundaries. The Dallas Safari Club, an organization that is allegedly concerned about preservation of wild life in Africa has auctioned off a permit for $350,000 to a citizen of Texas which allows that brave man the right to kill an elderly black rhino which currently is alive in the nation of Nambia. Ben Carter, director of the club, insists this is merely an example of how folk in Texas defend the rights of animals in Africa to enjoy a peaceful life until murdered by someone from Texas. Let’s face reality, there is within the state of Texas thousands of nut cases whose joy in life is firing a weapon in order to prove they can kill any creature on this planet who does not possess a gun. When it comes to confronting a deer, it is a fair fight if the deer can use its body against a high powered rifle.

During the 1960s about 70,000 rhinos roamed the plains in Africa. Today, there are about 4,000. OK, so this was an elderly rhino who could no longer produce little rhinos. The issue, as always when it comes to weapons, is why do some people obtain pleasure and a sense of power killing some animal which lacks any form of defense? Ah, I forgot, for some in Texas, if you can kill a defenseless animal, just think what you can do against an armed robber who enters your home to rape and pillage?

How about auctioning off 4,000 permits which would allow the issue of rhinos to disappear from our list of concerns??