Kill Ally, It’s Just War!

Since the beginning of this year over FIFTY American and NATO soldiers have been killed by their Afghan allies. General James Mattis, the top US commander in the Middle East, urges calm and not get too upset at this outrage because killing one’s ally comes with being at war. He noted that Afghan troops also have been murdered by their  fellow Afghan buddies. “We are going to continue  to work with Afghan forces, ” said Mattis, and “what we won’t do, is we’re not going to pull back.”

General Mattis is making a nice noble statement, but he fails to address the key issue as to why Afghan forces are killing their allies. All well and good to argue “we’re not going to say they all sleep over in the compound, we’ll sleep over here.” All too many Afghan soldiers lack faith in their corrupt government and the incompetence of President Karzai. HE is the problem along with his corrupt allies. THAT is why Americans are dying at the hands of Afghans!