Kill Babies Save Country!

The Republican Party finally has been offered an excellent approach to dealing with poverty in America–kill children of poor people right after they are born! Mustafa Aydin, a principal of an elementary school in Turkey has a solution to end crime and poverty in his nation, one that can be adopted here in America. “Children should be analyzed immediately after birth. If they are to become harmful to the country, to the nation they should be eliminated immediately. Just take blood samples of criminals, if a child has a similar blood sample, say goodbye to that kid.

Here is the perfect Republican platform to end deficits in this country.

1.  Any child born to a family that is on food stamps, is eliminated before this kid joins the line.

2. Any child born to a family that earns under $10,000 a year, should be eliminated. Notice this is NO’T abortion. Let them get  born and THEN kill the little poor bastards.

3.  Any child who does not attain at least an 80 score on IQ test can be taken to an Exit Facility and given a good meal before being sent off to another place.

These simple steps will allow reduction in billions of dollars and thus avoid making Job Creators pay additional taxes. Of course, we will create an entire group of new Jobs for those who are part of the corps that ends the lives of poor children.

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    Turks and Republicans can be brutal, all right.  So can ‘socialists’ like Blair and ‘democrats’  like LBJ.  Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’ marked the castigation and disgust of the British Empire that immediately preceded the enormity of its decline…  We ARE going to get it, too!  But what to do?