Kill The Chief And End War

President Barack Obama has based his drone killing policy on the assumption that if leaders are killed then their followers will pack up their bags and head home which ensures that peace is just around the corner. A drone killed Waliur Rehman some place in Pakistan and American leader jumped for joy. US officials insist this killing of the No. 2 commander of the Pakistan Taliban would be a strong blow to insurgent activity in this tribal area. Initial reports indicate the Taliban leader was killed along with other people. There is no comment as to who these other people were or whether they, in fact, were members of the Pakistan Taliban.

It is an ASSUMPTION that killing the top guy leads to collapse of the movement. Osama bin Laden has been dead for over a year and during that time period, al-Qaeda has GROWN in strength. There is not a single example in the 20th century of an important rebellion ceasing because top leaders were killed. This assumption merely indicates that western leaders simply can not fathom that large numbers of people AGREE with their leaders. Killing the top man simply makes followers even MORE determined to fight on.