Kill The Child To Kill The Message!

Malala Yousufazi is a fourteen year old Pakistan girl who has been fighting from the age of 11 for the right of Muslim girls to be educated. Apparently, her fight grabbed the attention of Taliban leaders who decided to silence this voice of protest. She had raises issues of  Taliban atrocities and since these men of God believe when they kill men, women and children it is simply an act of mercy to speed their journey to heaven, so they were rather upset at Malala discussing what girls should not.

On her way home from school, a Taliban group halted the bus and shot this sweet girl. The bullet crashed through her skull but fortunately missed her brain. I gather the Taliban fears the anger of young females seeking education. Now, what about a crowd of protesters shouting in the streets some anger at the Taliban action?

I assume they are too busy ranting against some cartoon or video!