Kill The Children!

His mother was a teacher, he was a man who loved guns. Yesterday,  he calmly shot his mother, gathered together several guns,  put on a protective shield, and went to the elementary school where his mother worked. He fired away, he shot away, he made certain that kindergarten children would receive an education in death. After the rampage, 16 children were dead as well as several adults. President Obama reacted to this massacre by saying this was not the right time to discuss gun control!

Assume this  man only was able to wield a knife, then what? THIS IS THE TIME TO DISCUSS THE AMERICAN MADNESS WITH GUNS. If not now, then when? The National Rifle Association is headed by men who somehow connect going out hunting with being able to have a gun in your possession in case attacked by Kindergarten kids.

Shame on President Obama. You do not stand up for the rights of Palestinians anymore than for the rights of children! Get a backbone and confront NRA bullies.