Kill The Dummy!

There is one thing that can be said concerning the good folk who dwell in the promised land of happiness and good Christians, if there is someone who can be executed, they will do their Christian best to accomplish this task. Warren Hill  is in jail for life because he murdered his girl friend. While in  jail he became engaged in a dispute with a fellow prisoner so Warren was  placed  on trial, convicted and sentenced to death. His lawyers argued that Warren tested out at 70 on an IQ test, but to the good people of Georgia, if you kill, then you die–at least some times.

Hill’s lawyers got a stay of execution on ground that three doctors who initially said Hill was not  mentally retarded, have changed they view. OK, so doctors change their view, that does not mean the state of Georgia can or will change their view. I wonder how the State of Georgia feels about former President Bush who sent thousands to be murdered??

And, he was not mentally retarded. On the other hand, maybe he was!!