Kill The Muslim!

One of the joys resulting from departure of American soldiers from Iraq is knowing the idiocy which reigns in that nation is now the result of Muslims vs Muslims. Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, fled Iraq because he knew Shiite President Nouri al-Maliki was going to kill him and get rid of a prominent Sunni. Hashemi is now in Turkey where Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is protecting his fellow Muslim. A Turkish diplomat stated the obvious, “sentencing the country’s vice president is an absurd situation. This is obviously a political decision.”

Iraq requires cooperation between Sunnis and Shiites. Maliki already has driven over 400,000 Iraqi Christians from the country. He allowed Muslim fanatics to attack Christians. Maliki does not want peace, he wants a victory over Sunnis to restore “honor” to Shiites and he wants revenge for the horror of Sunni leadership during the past few decades.

Revenge may be sweet, but it is terrible politics and will not restore peace.