Kill The Press

The most important foe in a civil war is the media. Rebels and government not only vie with one another on the field of battle, but in modern times in the media. Syria has witnessed a horrendous battle in which each side abducts tortures or murders members of the media in order to ensure their point of view is the one seen or heard or read by the people of the world. A few months ago, two Spanish journalists, Javiar Espinsosa and Ricardo Garcia were attempting to leave Syria but just as they reached the border with Turkey, both were abducted along with their escorts by members of the extreme rebel group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.(ISIS( The escorts were subsequently released. Most probably at least a dozen other journalists are also prisoners of this or that group of rebels or by government forces.

The ISIS is not interested in money. They may desire to hold journalists as hostages to be used in bargaining for the release of their own men. The wife of Espinsosa has attempted to negotiate for the release of her husband but without success. Just another casualty of the madness of civil war. Venture into madness and the result will be to endure the madness of captivity.