Kill To Prevent Killing!

A high percent of those who believe one must possess weapons of war in order to prevent war from occurring in their daily lives support use of the death penalty. America remains among the few nations  of the  industrial world which supports the idea of killing those who have killed. Warren Hill did murder another human. There is no doubt he is a killer. Warren Hill was judged by three doctors to fit the legal definition of mentally retarded, but Hill committed his crime in the state of Georgia. Of course, the same decision to kill Hill would have been the result had he murdered in the state of Texas-a former governor named George Bush was proud that he never pardoned a killer.

The UN Special Rappetour put it simply: “the world community is again watching  Georgia with great concern as it  prepared got carry out  another grotesque and unjust execution.” Of course, the people of Georgia are Christians, not like those blood thirsty murdering Muslims.