Killer Student Kills Students

A 17 year old boy walked into the school cafeteria, he was quiet, glancing neither to the side, just walking straight toward a group of kids sitting at a table chatting and laughing. The boy drew close, reached into his jacket and took out a .22 caliber gun. There were no shouts from his mouth, no threats, no warning, he simply began firing at random. Within a few moments dozens of high school students were fleeing for their lives while the young boy emptied his clip of bullets. He then left the school and within a few hours was captured by the police. It was just another in a yearly episode of murder in schools.

His name is T.J. Lane. Based on past experience, we know that he is white, Christian, from a small town, quiet, without many friends, and very polite. Yes, urban schools have weapon detectors, but there are few, if any, shootings in urban schools.  Murder in schools is reserved for suburban or rural schools.

I am certain Republican  presidential candidates will blame this killing spree on President Obama and his policies of “permisiveness.” Of course, as in past episodes, T.J. is not into drugs, he was not bullied, he simply decided one day to go on a killing spree. Perhaps smaller sized classes which allow  teachers to bond with students might avoid such episodes.