Killing Fields Of Syria

Over ten thousand Syrians have fled to Turkey to escape being murdered and thousands more are headed for the border in order to escape death that awaits in their towns and villages. The government of Bshar al-Assad has not only sent soldiers to do the killing, but is now urging neighbors to take up arms against their friends. Syria is mainly Sunni Muslim but there are also millions of people who are Christian or members of the Alawite sect who support the to government out of fear a Sunni government would be disastrous for their own futures. Nasr Abdullah, a Sunni, told the media, ‘they gave guns to Alawites and brought them into loot and burn.” Why this fear among Alawites and Christians? When US soldiers entered Iraq, there were 800,000 Christians in that land. Today, half have fled persecution from Shiite Muslims and Syrian Christians know what happened. Until Muslims cease persecuting Christians and minorities, they will face anger and fear among these groups. Just ask Coptic Christians in Egypt how they feel about the prospect the Muslim Brotherhood will gain power?

Syrian refugees are causing new problems for Turks. The Alevis in Turkey fear a strong Muslim government in Syria will unleash hatred toward those of other religions as well as toward Muslim sects and minorities. Syria has become a killing field which makes imperative among those who hate Assad, that they must demonstrate a commitment to democracy and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!