Killing For A Name Is Killing A Name

Kamaker Singh Dhillon was an immigrant from India who help arrange a marriage for his son with a girl from India. She joined the family in Toronto, got married, had a child and apparently were headed for a good life. But, Dhillon became convinced that his daughter-in-law was having an affair with a man so he did what a man who wants to protect his good name had to do –repeatedly plunge his knife into her body until she lay in a bloody heap on the floor. After being arrested this man of “honor” claimed Amandeep Kaur Dhillon had smeared his family name by her sexual escapades and even argued she wanted to sleep with him. He also claimed during the murder she had grabbed his knife and tried to stab him which is the factor that drove him into a rage.

As is so often the case in these “honor murders” the murderer kills without knowledge because in their minds is always a haunting sense that a woman can not be trusted. Police found no evidence the murdered woman had any affair, but they also found evidence Mr. Dhillon had wounded himself in an effort to build a case to defend himself. The only one who had any family “honor” was the murdered woman.