Killing Militants Or Killing Civilians?

An American plane destroyed a house in the southern cty of Basra which resulted, according to the United States, in the death of a militant. However, Iraqi witnesses and hospital officials claim that innocent civilians were killed in the air attack. Iraqi sources insist that three civilians were killed and others are still in the rubble. A neighbor, identified only as Jaj Juwad, told American reporters, “While we were preparing for evening prayers, US aircraft bombed this house, we rushed to save survivors. The father, mother and a young boy were killed and three others were buried under the rubble. We evacutated two people and one is still under the rubble.”

An airplane traveling at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour is capable, according to military sources, of spotting a house and bombing it with such accuracy that only the identified militant is killed. It is an interesting theory, one can only doubt if it is an accurate one.