Killing Muslims -Precisely!

The news report spoke of US drone attacks on “militants” in Pakistan while other news reports described a series of car bombings in Iraq. In both cases, the object of death was a Muslim. American sources claimed their drone attacks on people in Afghanistan or in Pakistan are members of al-Qaida or militants serving in the Taliban. Over in Iraq, militants target other Muslims, people they regard as being OK to kill because if you are serving the Prophet then there is permission to kill any deemed deserving of death. For example, in yesterday’s car bombings in Iraq, a farmer and his son on the way to market were killed as were two school children who made the mistake of going to school without realizing al-Qaida regards that building as an important military target. OK, so other car bombings murdered some civilians who were out walking the streets of Baghdad, not understanding they were walking in an area that was a military target.

I understand that those who guide drones from the safety of a building in Virginia are 100% certain their bombs are killing militants. Gee, with that type of certainty, can’t we use these people to fix our economy? Or, perhaps, I am naive and do not realize that cars with militants inside have a banner on the car which says: “This Is A MIlitant Car.”