Killings Go On In Pakistan

Fundamentalist terrorists continue their retaliation for the government’s seizure of the Red Mosque by killing dozens more people. President Musharraf is now paying the consequence for years of appeasing fundamentalist clerics by allowing them to control education in their madrassas. But, Musharraf is not the only guilty party in this fiasco — Saudi Arabia must also take responsibility. The ironic aspect of the so-called war on terrorism is that Saudi Arabia for years has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the religious madrassa schools which followed a curriculum based on hating the west and any aspect of democracy.

How does one explain to President Bush that in destroying the government of Saddam Hussein he not only killed a petty tyrant, but also one of the secular leaders of the Middle East. If the United States, at least, had entered Iraq with twice as many soldiers and been able to restore stability and peace, it could have assisted secular moderate Muslims. That was the lost opportunity.