Kim Jong-un Aims For No. 1!

Kim Jong-un is the third  Kim who has run the nation of North Korea. Grand pa began the reign of Kims in 1945 and ever since then one or another Kim has been in charge. Some may claim that anyone with the name of Kim is backward and a dictator. However, Kim Jong-un intends to prove that one can be a Kim and still have ideas that go beyond the 12th century. Now that he has been in power for several months, young Kim announced some changes in his nation.

1. Women will be allowed to wear pants!

2. Women will be allowed to wear platform shoes.

3. Women will be allowed to wear earrings.

How is that for bringing modernity to North Korea? Kim also had some words for bureaucrats who might oppose what he decrees. He let them know it is time to “remove outdated ideological views from hearts of officials.”

I hope administrators are prepared for women who dance with  men!!