Kim Jong-Un Angry At World

It increasingly becomes apparent that Our Beloved Leader is rather upset. Someone played a joke on him by releasing photos  of the pudgy little man in various displays of heroism. He has decided to retaliate by launching a new missile up into the sky. It is a  long-range rocket. Even Russia and China, who generally display loyalty to the Great Leader are upset. Russian Foreign Ministry told him, “we urgently appeal to the government of North Korea to reconsider the decision to launch a rocket.”

In a rare state of cooperation, Russian leaders demanded that North Korea obey directives of the United Nations. The world knows this “rocket” is simply a long range missile capable of being outfitted with nuclear weapons.  China promises to “remain in touch” with one and all, but one and all want to end the threat from North Korea.

Moral of story: do not print nasty pictures of Our Beloved Leader.