Kim Jong-Un Is Upset

The nation of North Korea is a mystery wrapped in an enigma which is unknown, even to its leader, Kim Jong-un. There are moments of rational thinking by Kim such as when former NBA star Dennis Rodman enters HIS country in order to shoot some rounds of basketball. On most occasions, the wisest policy is to avoid the presence of this nation’s pudgy little leader since one never knows what or who or how he got upset today. Last week, the Great Leader decided that his uncle, Jang Song Thaek did something about selling coal that he was not supposed to do and had him arrested and then shot to death. But, when one is THE Supreme Ruler, the fact an individual spoke with someone he considers to be a traitor means, by definition, that individual is also a traitor. Since Jang has children and relatives that translates into a whole lot of suspicious traitors wandering around North Korea. Latest reports are that hundreds of people are now in jail who last week were enjoying the fine life reserved to those who are friends of Kim Jong-un.

If you are charged with any of these offenses, head for the hills:

Counter revolutionary actions.

Anti-party shenanigans

Deviant thinking

Stealing coal-without permission

Shooting baskets without permission

Anti-party thinking

Reading anything written by Leon Trotsky