Kim Jong-un Plays With Power

There are unconfirmed reports that President Obama has reached out to former NBA star Dennis Rodman to become his special envoy to the North Korean government. It is clear that Rodman WAS born in America rather than Kenya and thus will not be attacked by members of the Republican party for not being a full blooded American. As far as we can tell, he was not connected to the Benghazi attack. At this point in time, Dennis is the only American who can fly into North Korea, have lunch with its leader and playa few games of basketball with the pudgy little man, Kim Jong-un who happens to lead this impoverished nation. Oh, it was New Year’s day so the Kim guy made his usual speech threatening nuclear destruction to the entire world unless they paid attention to his latest rant and rave.

1. He will not beg for peace. Is that clear to all?

2. He is ready to inflict ” a massive nuclear disaster on South Korea”

3. He is ready to wipe out the USA.

Oh, he also wants to build a new ski resort and will work hard to establish good relations with South Korea.

So, what else to do but send in the clown–Dennis Rodman.