Kim Jong Un Sets Example For World Leaders

New reports from North Korea indicate new Supreme Leader of the country, Asia, and all parts west will now be hailed as Supreme Leader of the Pacific Ocean and all parts east. It is rather complex being a Supreme Leader in North Korea. For example, among the new duties of Comrade Supreme Leader Kim  Jong un is ensuring the fertility, not merely of the soil, but of women of North Korea. He will assume these new duties every morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. during which time young nubile females will allow their  bodies to be impregnated with the Supreme fluid of the Supreme Leader.

Kim Jong un does not hold debates, he simply goes about being a Supreme Leader without any big deal being made of his holy position. Perhaps, it is time for other world leaders to acknowledge their need for soliciting advice from the Supreme Leader of all Supreme Leaders. He just was awarded leadership of the North Korean armed forces. Every single soldier took a solemn oath to protect the Supreme Leader from all enemies, including flies, coughs and the common cold. They will gladly allow their bodies to catch the cold in order to demonstrate undying love and loyalty to the Supreme Leader, not merely of North Korea, but of planet Earth and all the planets in our solar system.