Kim Jong-Un Threatened!

It can  now be revealed that a CIA plan was nearly put into operation  against the   peaceful government of North Korea. A secret agent who  posed by the name of Kenneth Bae was in reality a South Korean agent whose real name was Pae Jun Ho. It is now clear that really was not his real name because he was the long lost brother of Kim  Jong-un and his REAL name was Kim Pae-jun. At birth he was taken by his nanny  —who had been in contact with his brother, Kim Jong-un-then in a crib but since he was from birth the Great Leader it was a simple task to speak– and sent to live in South Korea  in order to plot the death of his brother.

Thank God the ever brilliant North Korean secret police were able to identify this American plot-also backed by the Israel Mossad– to commit crimes “aimed to topple the DPRK with hostility toward it.” Finally, another CIA, Mossad plot that has been foiled. Our wonderful and dear Great Leader is safe. ON to the atomic bombs and wipe out the USA!!