Kim Jong-Un Unhappy?

Kim Jong Un is the latest Kim in the history of North Korea. Just about every twenty years another Kim appears on the scene and another Kim shoots a missile into the air. Ordinarily, the missiles fall to earth in Kim Square. North Korea fired another missile this week which went a  thousand miles and then fell to earth in the Pacific Ocean. Reports indicated the missile was stumbling and fumbling in the sky. Experts doubt if this missile could contain a destructive weapon and hit a target a few thousand miles away.

However, streets of every town and city in North Korea were scenes to joyous people celebrating the latest weapon  of mass destruction. In this case, “mass destruction” refers to destroying the lives of North Koreans who must shout for joy at another billion dollars spent on rocket demonstrations while thousands go hungry. I guess Kim Jon-un has to go back to the drawing board and figure out how another ten billion can be spent on rockets instead of his people.