Kim Jong Unable To Make Sense

The people of North Korea have not known any other information concerning that occurs in the world other than what emanates from government sources. The Wise and Great Leader of North Korea, one Kim Jong-un did spend years in Switzerland where he did get to understand something about the real world, but since his return to North Korea, his only encounter with reality was talking with former NBA star Dennis Rodman–about basketball. Kim Jong-un is uttering threats of nuclear holocaust in his warnings to South Korea. He has threatened to destroy Tokyo and most probably will send a missile into the air on April 15, birthday of grandfather, Kim Il-Sung.

Japan is preparing Patriot missiles to shoot down North Korean missiles. South Korea is preparing to blast away if something comes from up north. One is left wondering is this hysteria is simply a little pudgy boy seeking attention from those around him or is he dumb enough to believe his own rantings?