Kim, Kim, Kim, North Korea Explained

As a public service this blog will explain the entire history of the North Korean Kim family so one will finally know which Kim is on first base. trust anyone reading this blog will take what follows in a serious manner. Any discussion of North Korea is no joking matter, and a smile or laugh at the wrong place can send you to a nice farm somewhere in northern North Korea. So, pay attention.

1. In the beginning there was a mighty warrior known as Kim Sung il who fought heroically, or at least, he did fight against the Japanese during World War II. After the Japanese surrendered Kim Sung il found himself in North Korea and was there to welcome the invading Russian army. The Japs surrendered and our hero king assumed the title of Beloved Leader of the People. Well, as all fairy tales end, he got into a war in 1950 with the South Koreans and most of the world, but was saved by the gallant Chinese.

2. Our Beloved Leader had a son who we will call, Kim Jong il or, Our Beloved Leader, No. 2. This is a Kim for all seasons and he has performed miracles. After all, how many Beloved Leaders can drive their nation into starvation because he wants to build missiles rather then develop the nation’s economy.

3. Our Beloved Leader, No. 2 who is the son of Beloved Leader, No. 1, now has a son who is named, Kim Jong-un or Beloved Leader,No. 3. Now that you have all the Kim folk in your mind, we come to the current firing of cannon shells into South Korea. This blog has been informed from a very reliable source, One Who Lives In The Land Of Beloved Leader, No. 3, that no one has the faintest idea what junior is up to.

We warn one and all there will be a pop test on the Beloved Leaders of North Korea.