Kim Temper Tantrum Over?

I think, perhaps even hope, that Kim Jong-un has decided to cease his latest temper tantrum and entered the world of reality. North Korea informed the world that it would not destroy the United States nor destroy South Korea if UN sanctions were ended and the US withdrew its forces from South Korea. “If the United States and the puppet South have the slightest desire to avoid the sledge-hammer blow our our army and people-and truly wish dialoge and negotiations, they must make the resolute decision.” I assume the resolute decision is to agree    with all demands of North Korea. Kim wants removal of nuclear weapons from South Korea even though there are no nuclear weapons in that nation.

Secretary of State John Kerry is bored with the  constant non-ceasing demands of North Korea. Threaten and warn, demand goodies or more threats. “I have no desie s secretary of state and the president has no desire to do the same old horse trade or go down the old road.” As President Obama noted, “you don’t get to bang ..your spoon on the table and somehow get your way.”

Enough is enough.