King For A Day?

A conservative dream has come true in the tiny nation of Lichtenstein which is tucked away in Europe. It is a tiny land, it is ruled by a prince, but if you possess riches the entire country can be yours for a night or two. A “rent Lichtenstein”program is now in full swing. For the modest payment of $75,000 a night(minimum must be two nights) the entire country is now under your rule. You can stage a parade marking your ascendancy to the throne, name a street in your honor, have a wine tasting event at the castle of a local prince and even eat in his castle. I assume local folk will bow when in your presence and children will sing your virtues. Consider if we could stage a similar event in America termed: Rent Harlem For the Night:

1. Queen Sarah Palin will be crowned on 125th street as joyous black skinned folk hail their new sovereign. She will be attended by a dozen black maids who will cater to her every whim.

2. Donald Trump will gaze down at the masses who gather to learn from their highness about President Obama’s lack of a birth certificate and then march on Washington D.C. in order to lynch the foreigner.

3. Michele Bachmann will give a speech to huddled folk in which she explains why raising their taxes must occur in order to save American wealthy folk from paying any taxes.

4. I look forward the the Tea Party taking control of Harlem and then instituting their wonderful ideas which end care for the elderly and perform nightly executions of anyone who can not recite the entire Constitution.