His royal highness, the exalted King LeBron James will announce later today His decision regarding who he will allow to bestow a hundred million dollars on his holy body. We realize some people will be worrying about their lack of a job or money to pay the mortgage, but put those petty concerns aside and focus on the important issue of this era– with whom will King LeBron James play with next year??He is a young man in his twenties, he is pleasant with one and all, he avoids problems like drugs or drinking, and focuses his entire life on playing basketball. In ordinary life, those seeking a job travel to the employer, but in the realm of King James, employers come hat-in-hand begging the young man to play with their team and to please, please accept their hundred million dollars!

King James does not enjoy playing an entire season and concluding his hard work without the NBA title in his possession. He intends to only allow a team which can guarantee him a championship to force their money onto him. If you are GREAT as is King James, then it simply is not fair for any other team to receive the NBA title. We suggest that all teams arrange this year to allow King James, wherever he might be playing, to win the crown. In fact, why play an entire season, just award the crown of the NBA to King James to go along with his swell headed crown.