King Vladimir Of Russia

Vladimir Putin of Russia is not a man who wastes words on idle chatter such as elections and a free press, but he gets right to the point. Who will be president of Russia in 2012 when his stooge, Dimitry Medvedev has concluded his term in office as president of Russia? Who else! Vladimir was kind enough to allow someone else to carry the title of “president” for four years, but the throne of power must be returned to its rightful owner, the man who knows what is best for his children, the people of Russia– the Putin man!

Naturally, Putin has enough uncommon sense to compare his appointment of Medvedev to become president with the British tradition of having a prime minister step down and another member of his party assume office. I hate to tell you, Vladimir, but Gordon Brown will be voted out of office because the UK is a democracy, not a semi-monarchy as exists in Russia.

Ironically, the dummy who is president recently made an interesting speech in which he noted”an ineffective economy, a semi-Soviet social sphere, a weak democracy, negative demographic trends and an unstable Caucasus.” Oh well, wait a three years and King Vladimir will make that assessment look rosy when he completes his next turn as president.