Kiss Away Anger

Among the great mysteries of life is why societies seek to lock up people in jail when their “crime” posed absolutely no threat to anyone. In America, a man steals a hundred dollar jacket and gets sent to jail for four years at a cost of $42,000 per year. I assume we are concerned at the emotional impact upon the jacket because it was stolen. Nina De Chiffre was involved in a demonstration in Italy about a new train line when she saw a friend getting hit by a policeman. She decided to retaliate by approaching another policeman and planting a juicy kiss upon his helmet. The result is anger and a desire for revenge by the police union of Italy. Franco Macerra, head of the union wants her sent to jail for kissing. He argues all hell would have broken out if a cop kissed a person on the streets.

Perhaps, Franco has come up with a new idea. Why not, instead of hassling people on the streets, police went around kissing blacks and Hispanics? Place a moratorium on violence and inaugurate a decade of love and peace?