Kiss Heard Around The World!!

I am the ultimate sports fan, I watch every game played by the New York Yankees, every game played by the New York Knicks, and every game played by the New York football Giants. During the course of watching these games, it is quite clear that when an athlete does something outstanding-hit a home run, make a great catch and win game with a last minute shot in basketball, his team erupts in joy and celebration. The hero greets his fellow team mates, they hug, they embrace, AND, they even kiss one another in joy. During my 77 years watching athletic events, I have never encountered any negative comment about an athlete placing a kiss upon the face of another player. On the day in which Michael Sam was drafted, he turned to his boy friend, Vito, AND KISSED HIM ON THE MOUTH!!

Many players in the National Football League are upset. Running back Derrick Ward tweeted, “how disgusting.” He is shocked. A player kissing another male! In order to protect decent hard working male football players we need new rules in professional football:

1. No open gay defense end should only be allowed to tackle a player by placing his hands above the waist. No fooling around with lower parts of the male body.
2. At times of celebration, no openly gay football player should be allowed to hug and kiss straight football players.

Stand up straight for straight football players!!