Kissinger And Blair Warn Of Oil Conflicts Erupting

Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger are attending an international economic conference in Russia where they spoke candidly about the current situation in the world. Former Nixon Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, urged Russia and the United States to draw closer since it was in the best interests of both nations to be united as dramatic changes sweep the world. He expressed the view that environmental or oil or terrorist issues “can be dealt with by confrontation between the United States and Russia.” In sharp contrast with President Bush who has set about to provoke Russian anger by building missile bases on its border, the practitioner of “realist” policies suggested a different approach. “It is not in the US interest to keep Russia down, and it’s not in the Russian interest to look at the United States as a protagonist.”

Both former prime minister Tony Blair and Kissinger warned that power in the world was shifting eastward to Russia, China, India and the Middle East. Blair suggested these shifts might eventually result in a return to old colonial power plays in which military force was used to obtain energy supplies.

There is little question Kissinger and Blair are suggesting real possibilities that might emerge if nations feel their prosperity is slipping away due to high oil prices. Nations like Saudi Arabia could readily be invaded by outside forces determined to gain control of more oil.