Kissinger, Forgotten Voice

Flash! Henry Kissinger, forty years later is going to inform the American people what happened in Vietnam, and it is certain he had not responsibility for any problems. It was all the fault of America which wanted to compromise when “hanoi wanted victory.” According to Kissinger, “the tragedy of the Vietnam war was not that there were disagreements –that was inevitable, given the complexity of the conflict–but that the faith of Americans in each other became destroyed in the process.” It wound up claims Kissinger “what we did wrong in Vietnam, we did to ourselves.” Henry admits the North Vietnamese leaders out thought American negotiators. All in all, it was our defeat and we are all to blame.

Funny, as I recall events, the Nixon-Kissinger administration used the FBI to spy on people, his administration repeatedly lied, it attacked innocent people and created chaos in Vietnam due to lies and distortion of reality. But, I am wrong, the entire episode can be crossed off as we Americans doing things to ourselves. As for Richard Nixon, ……..