Kneejerk Reaction by the Jerk

In a sensational revelation by Chris Meyer, former British ambassador to the United States, it appears a factor in Tony Blair’s decision to join the US invasion of Iraq was to avoid even crazier ideas of President Bush. According to Meyer, Blair thought Bush was ready to launch an attack on Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban that would “nuke the s**t out of the place without thinking straight.” Blair feared a kneejerk reaction by Bush of employing excessive military power in dealing with the Taliban or with Iraq.

American conservatives have been insisting for years that Democrats exaggerate when discussing Bush and attempt to portray him as a character out of the motion picture, Dr. Strangeglove. We now have conclusive proof that Bush was very analogous to the mad general in the motion picture who wanted to nuke Russia. Bush apparently wanted to nuke Afghanistan. Of course, exactly where or what in Afghanistan lends itself to a nuclear attack is something one fears even learning considering Bush was figuratively out of his mind. Perhaps, God told him to nuke the bastards who blew up the World Trade Towers, perhaps God wanted revenge against Muslims, perhaps, Bush is simply an individual not in control of his emotions. It will be interesting to hear and read the reaction of conservatives to the former ambassador’s comments. I suspect Meyer will be exposed as a closet Democrat.