Knocked Up? Get Knocked Out

In the modern armed forces of the United States, both men and women are in the front lines and their superior officers expect high moral standards while they are killing people. After all, if you are called upon to kill men, women, and, sometimes, innocent civilians, it is only fitting that your personal conduct be up to the standards required of people who kill others. General Anthony Cucolo issued a new policy for members of the armed forces in northern Iraq which classifies court martial for any soldier caught pregnant. He does not want soldiers who malinger and pose supposed ailments that might prevent them from getting into the front lines. According to Cucolo, getting knocked up is simply a ploy to prevent you from being in combat.

I am confused as to whether the person knocked up faces a court martial or does the man who did the knocking up also stand trial even though he went into combat? After all, he was the knocker and should take some responsibility for the object of his affections getting pregnant.

Of course, there is nothing in the new regulations pertaining to the baby in the womb. When she/he emerges, does she/he stand trial for refusing to go into combat?