Kofi Annan Visit Upsets President Mugabe

Former UN chief, Kofi Annan, who helped to negotiate peace in Kenya after a disputed presidential election, announced he was visiting Zimbabwe to examine the current situation and the devastating impact of the humanitarian crisis which has engulfed the nation. President Mugabe’s government which has refused to carry out its promise to share power with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) denounced the visit as a “partisan mission.” Annan works with former US president Jimmy Carter and rights activist Grace Machel, former wife of Nelson Mandela, as a trio of “elders” whose goal is fostering peace and stability. “The purpose of our visit is to meet those working on the ground to better asses the extent of the crisis and how assistance can be improved.”

In the narcissistic world of Robert Mugabe he is never wrong and anyone who expresses an interest in furthering peace in his country is obviously “partisan.” The Elders have but one concern–the people of Zimbabwe. Mugabe has but one concern–maintaining power for himself and his fellow thugs and crooks who have exploited the wealth of Zimbabwe for their own personal gains.