Koran And Economic Prosperity!

The Republican party can now welcome a new candidate for its nomination to run for president. At this point, the field contains among the great minds of the 21st century–Cain, Bachmann, Gingrich, Romney, Perry and whoever. However, the good news is  arrival into the  fray of Rev. Terry Jones who gained fame by promising to burn a Koran and when he did  about 30 UN  workers were murdered in Afghanistan by an angry mob. Terry is as consumed by burning Korans as Rick and Herman and Mitt are consumed by flat taxes. However, all do agree jobs are created by burning Korans and reducing taxes on the wealthy.

We suggest it is time to combine these ideas into a powerful approach to restoring America’s  economic and social health. We propose a program in which a new president will publicly burn, not only the Koran, but the tax code book. He or she will announce that henceforth America will not allow any Korans to be used and it will also not allow  tax code books to be used. We will rid the nation of Korans and taxes!

However, for those of the Muslim faith in America, the Koran can be used provided you pay a 60% rate of taxes on all income. Why not restore economic health on the back of Muslims?