Koran Wars Continue

The one certainty about life in the Middle East is at some point someone will become upset at sine insult to their religion. Print a cartoon, bump into a m an wearing a  hat on his head which results in it falling to the ground, express the wrong words, trample on something that  someone regards as holy, it goes on and on this senseless useless war. A group of Muslim women were sitting on a bench at Jerusalem’s al-Qusa mosque when an Israel policemen approached  claiming they were blocking some Israelis who wanted to visit the area. By accident, she dropped her Koran and the policeman picked it up. World War III was ready to begin!

Rumors soon spread that Israel police had trampled on the Koran. Men came running with stones and bombs, objects were thrown,shots rang out and soon panic ensued. It is time for the Israel government to assist creation of a Palestinian nation so Muslim religious sites are guarded by Muslim police.