Korean Jitters Impacts Aid Programs

A team of South Korean diplomats are flying to Washington to discuss Bush administration plans to provide aid to the North Korean government. There is absolutely no reason for South Korean diplomats to fly thousands of miles to Washington D.C. to discuss an American aid program to North Korea that has been promised due to the communist regime’s agreement on nuclear disarmament. A South Korean government official said: “the trip is being made to show North Korea that the United States’ rice aid is being conducted with discussion and cooperation from the South Korean government. Through this we are trying to send a message to the North that any attempts to get closer to Washington while isolating Seoul will not work.”

For some reason South Korean diplomats are under the illusion the United States govenment will make a dramatic turn and become friends with North Korea while abandoning close ties with the south. This ploy supposedly will make the North more mindful about listening to south Korean demands for cooperation.

Such is the madness of modern life and politics.