Koreans In Japan Face Educational Issues

A hundred years ago Japanese troops took control of Korea and that country was ruled as a colony with many of its inhabitants coming to Japan in order to work. The legacy of colonialism lives on with thousands of Koreans in Japan who regard themselves as second class citizens and even have their own schools. The Japanese government is planning a tuition-subsidy program but wants to bar schools which cater to children of Koreans who have strong ties with North Korea from being eligible for the subsidies. There are twelve high schools operated in close cooperation with a pro-North Korean organization known as the General Association of Korean residents in Japan. Japan is still furious at North Korea which abducted their citizens many years ago and has refused to reveal what happened to them.

The Japanese government fears the curriculum of these schools propogates communist ideas and thus children are not receiving an objective education. There is the possibility of new regulations which would require any such schools to have a curriculum that is “nearly consistent with the educational guidelines of Japan.”

For an outsider, it is unclear why any sensible people would regard North Korea as a model for anything other than oppression of its people.