Kosovo Independence Creates Crisis In Europe

The desire for the Serbian province of Kosovo to become an independent nation became even stronger as an election drew near which would enable the people of Kosovo to make that decision. There is little doubt since Kosovo is 90% Muslim Albanian it will vote for independence from Christian Serbia which killed thousands during its drive to crush opposition in Kosovo to Serbian Christian rule. An election in Serbia also is caught in the middle of the conflict. Pro-Western Prime Minister Boris Tadic is pushing hard for membership in the European Union which is supported by 69% of all Serbians. His opponent, Tomislav Vikolic, who leads ultranationalist forces in Serbia that are ready to oppose Kosovo independence, is arguing for placing the unity of Serbia over the desire for EU membership.

Too much blood has past under the bridge for the Muslim people of Kosovo to ever again seek to be members of the same country with Serbians who killed thousands during their drive to impose Serbia’s will upon all sectors of the former nation of Yugoslavia. It is time for Kosovo to go its separate path. It might be beneficial if the European Union relaxed some demands on Serbia and expedited its application for membership in the EU.

  • Denise, New York

    Well…let’s [put it this way.
    WHAT would happen if by any chance
    Scotland or Wales or Corsica were to
    secede from Britain or France ?

  • Milan


    The problem of Kosovo appears to be one of the main topics. Unfortunately, the fact is that everybody, including you, analyze it as if the problem started in 1998 or even a decade earlier. Such an analysis gives just a fragmented picture. If you analyze the problem of Kosovo since 1945, you will clearly see that the struggle for independence has always been the main feature of Albanians from Kosovo.
    Why is that important? Because it can prove that Serbia did not (will not) loose Kosovo because of Milosevic’s bad policy. His policy was bad, but it did not cause or ignite the rebellion of Kosovo Albanians.
    That rebellion was there for 50 years. I believe that any historian doing a scientific research on Kosovo will be able to prove that point easily and conclude that Kosovo gained its independence not because of Milosevic, as many would like (us) to believe, but, paradoxically, under the pretext of Milosevic.

    This difference is of huge importance in the reasoning of Western countries which keep repeating that Kosovo is a unique problem. Let’s put it the other way around: what problem is not unique? None of course. So the attempts to solve the problem of Kosovo in such a way, will force us to recognize and admit that the problem was `solved´ by force.
    In other words, when Kosovo gains its independence it will gain it based on the fact that the NATO attacked the Yugoslav army, forced it to leave Kosovo, allowed the Albanians to form its government and finally recognized its independence outside the UN SC.
    The question is what turn will history take after such a ‘unique’ solution for such a common problem.

    Best regards,


  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I suspect the origin goes back about 400 years or so. I agree, Kosovo will be independent. It is a given.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Actually, there is an excellent chance Scotland will secede from Great Britain and it will occur in peace. Please study the situation in Scotland where the political party seeking Scottish independence now controls the Scottish legislature.

  • vlado

    I’m deeply surprised how can a person say something like”It is time for Kosovo to go its separate path”.Excuse me sir,but have you ever been to the Balkans and lived there for at least 5 years?If not ,then don;t write your assumptions cos it doesn;t have sense.There are actually people who don;t know where Serbia is and by reading this article they might think you are making a point and that you are right.It is easy to draw a conclusion by being an observer,but for the people that actually live on the Balkan Peninsula it is totally different story.We all know here that it is not about human rights or something else with the freedoms of people.It is about American interests,American military installation BOndstill which is by far the biggest in South Europe.
    Just my 50 cents…

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    As far as I know, Scotland is adjacent to
    England just as Kosovo is adjacent to Serbia. What is the point you are making?
    P.S. How in heck did “American interests” get into the Kosovo situation? I thought the EU was most involved.

  • vlado

    That is what i;m talking about.People talk about Kosovo and Serbia like they have lived there.It is at least rude to write about something you don;t know or even better pretend to know.
    HOw do you know what is the situation like there when you have only heard about it and not witnessed single event?
    I can;t tell what is the situation like in Scotland because i have never been there.It would be foolish for me even to think something like:”Oh well It is time for the Scottish to go their way”.Why?Because i don;t even know how the situation is like there.I can only guess by the information i;m receiving from the media which is by the way not always true and often misleading.Do you get my point now?
    YOu are just an onlooker here,you pretend that you know how the situation in Kosovo and Serbia is and you don;t even been or leaved there…Excuse me…But..For the sake of the truth next time when you put something like this on a place where people from all around the world can read it-do mention that YOU DON:T HAVE A CLUE WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE AND LIVE IN KOSOVO AND SERBIA.Simply because you have only heard about them….

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    90% of people in Kosovo are of Albanian Muslim heritage. They apparently want to be independent from Serbia. I am not judging anyone, simply reporting the facts. Sorry, if the facts upset you. Happy holidays.