Kurds And Iraq Standoff

It is nearly a decade since American troops were sent into Iraq in the infamous search for Weapons of Mass Destruction. The result has been chaos for the people of Iraq in addition to obtaining new rights to make decisions without fear of a mad dictator killing anyone. Among the many cans of worms that were opened in Iraq is the conflict between Kurds and Iraqis. Kurds do not wish to be ruled by any Iraq government which has led to creation of their own nation and armed force. Technically, the Kurds are still part of Iraq-in name only.

Unfortunately for the Iraq government there is plenty of oil in Kurdish areas and they want control of that resource. Kurds have warned the Iraq government to steer clear of any area that is under their control. The Kurdish government sent 125 tanks to surround Kirkuk  as a warning to  the Iraq government.

Hardly a month goes by without some problem arising in Iraq. I wonder what Bush and his buddies think about these events.