Kuwait Experts Fear An October Surprise

In an article appearing in the Kuwait Times, military experts from that nation predicted there is a strong possibility of war by November or even by mid-October. Many believe Tehran will be devastated by an unprecedented air assault such as previously never undertaken against any nation. However, these experts are still debating if the United States would place itself in a situation requiring opening a third front in addition to Afghanistan and Iraq while few believe Israel has the military capability of pulling off such an air attack on its own.

Kuwait is worried an attack on Iran will result in closing the Straits of Hormuz and block its export of oil. They envision, Kuwait has three alternatives if the sea route is blocked. One would be sending oil through Saudi Arabia, another is through Iraq pipelines that lead to Syria and the Mediterranean and the other is via a pipeline to Oman. However, none of these alternatives is as yet a possibility and such an approach would require years of construction.

There is no good scenario if an air assault is undertaken. The Middle East would be plunged into new terrorist activities for years to come.