Kuwait Leader Blasts US Over Iran Policy

Kuwait’s Speaker of the National Assembly, Jassem Ai Khorafi, accused the United States of deliberately attempting to provoke a conflict with Iran and made clear his nation would not allow its territory to be used in such a venture. “What is happening is that there are provocative Western statements, and Iran responds in the same way. Such a sensitive issue requires the language of dialogue, not escalation… It is necessary to respect Iran’s sovereignty because a resolution will not be reached by treating it like a US state.” Khorafi said the West was using double standards in the dispute by trying to halt Iran’s nuclear program while saying nothing about the nuclear program of Israel or dealing with that nation’s nuclear weapons.

The Speaker pointed out although Bush constantly emphasizes his commitment to peace, he also threatens Iran by sending warships into areas near its coastal region. The Kuwait leader is correct in emphasizing the importance of toning down threats and working in a peaceful manner through use of diplomatic contacts in resolving regional issues.