Kuwait Women Work For Equality

In honor of International Day, Kuwait women examined the current state of their position in their nation. Kuwait is much more open and liberal towards women than certain Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia, but vestiges of the less than equal status of women in a Muslim society are still evident. Dr. Assel Alawadhi, a professor at Kuwait University, noted that it was just recently than women began to get involved in the political affairs of her nation and there are a few encouraging signs of progress. However, she expressed disappointment that at educational institutions the segregation of men and women continues. A speaker at the meeting noted that female athletes in Kuwait operate under severe restrictions since the idea of women participating in sports is relatively new.

A major issue discussed at the conference was the desirability of instituting quotas for women in the legislature. Some believed it would establish limits rather than establish a base of participation in the political life of the nation. It is definitely a long road for women to gain the semblance of equality in some Muslim societies.

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    Although women rights in Kuwait better than other Islamic countries, Their status as a comarison to the western countries is very bad.