Kyrgyzstan Army Aided Mob Violence

Human Rights Watch has issued a report which blasts the army of Kyrgyzstan which not only failed to protect the rights of the minority Uzbeck people who were being assaulted, but most probably joined in the violence which resulted in death and destruction. HRW argues, “this pattern raises serious concerns that some government forces either actively participated in, or facilitated attacks on Uzbeck neighborhoods by knowingly or unwittingly giving cover to violent mobs.” Uzbecks quite frequently were successful farmers and businessmen which undoubtedly angered Kyrgrz members of the community. There is some evidence Kyrgyz mobs grabbed weapons from soldiers, but on other occasions Uzbecks watched government forces fighting alongside mobs.

There is scant doubt government troops were involved in the riots, they provided weapons and armored cars and they destroyed barriers that Uzbecks had erected for protection.