I am born to working class people who honored those who worked under difficult oppressive conditions this one day in the year. One day when 11 I came to help my father in his little butcher shop. He hired Max on Thursday to help pluck chickens and the  Chicken Pluckers Union went on strike so Max sat forlornly on a bench my father placed outside the store. I told my father since Max was on strike, I would not be a scab and cross his picket line. My father sighed, gazed at me, a slight smile came across his lips and he sent me home with my union values still intact.

Today, we have a Democratic president who took three years to finally get around to issue of jobs. We have a Democratic president who fears confronting the bullies who run the Republican party. There is nothing in the behavior or words of Barack Obama which conveys a sense of solidarity with working people. He is the first Democratic president in a hundred years who will not be honored by working people for defending their rights.

I am convinced Barack Obama would cross a picket line if it enabled him to get votes. This is the saddest Labor Day in my 81 years of life. To have a man who refuses to stand up for workers and calls himself a “Democrat” is shocking. The ONLY reason to vote for him is the reality ANY Republicans would be worse.