L’Amour, Toujours, L’Amour

It is so pleasant reading stories from France. Here in America we must discuss Tea Party idiots who believe dinosaurs roamed the land a few thousand years ago or the humble apology of Chris Christie and his merry band of people who enjoy being pranksters rather than government officials. Thank God for France, where people seek to deal with real issues of State. Is President Francois Hollande currently involved in a love affair with an actress named, Julie Gayet. Neither one is married, neither one has children, legal or unofficial, and neither one has any need to lie about their relationship, but it is still rocking the French press. Of course, former President Mitterand had a child with his lover, former President Sarkozy divorced his wife who had a lover and then remarried a woman he had divorced. Now, these are real issues of State that concern the entire nation.

So, let me get things straight. President Hollande is a single man, and single people can date. His girl friend is single and single woman can date. So why is President Hollande angry at the “invasion of his privacy to which each citizen has a right?” My friend, if you desire to become a president and get furnished a rent free home and police escorts and free meals, you are NOT an ordinary citizen!