Land Or Peace?

Once upon a time in Israel there were leaders whose main goal was the security of their nation and the second goal of peace with Palestinians. David ben Gurion or Golda Meier were willing to compromise to ensure the long term success of the nation of Israel. But, as secular minded Jews had fewer and fewer children,  religious Jews multiplied and gained increased political power. Then came, Benjamin Netanyahu, the grestest calamity to the people of Israel. For the first time in the history of Israel there is a Palestinian government prepared to compromise in order to resolve the conflict with Israel. Even as John Kerry persuades the Arab League to agree to the existence of Israel, the Netanyahu government announced new plans to build homes on the West Bank.

A compromise agreement WILL allow further building of homes on the West Bank. Instead of displaying patience, Netanyahu rushed to build and build. Almost 300 new homes will go up. And, along with these houses going up, hope for peace between Israel and Palestinians will go down. There simply is no reason -at this moment in time-for new houses.