Language Of Hate Sparks Hatred

Many European nations are struggling in the aftermath of Anders Breivik’s mad slaughter of the innocent to make sense of how one deals with issues of multiculturalism. On one hand there is no doubt a large right wing Christian fundamentalist group wants the expulsion of all Muslims while a large group of those adhering to ideals of multiculturalism seek to create a modern state in which people of all backgrounds live in peace. Ironically, Norway has a relatively small Muslim population in comparison with nations like France which are home to over 5,000.000. Nations like Denmark which have witnessed the influx of Muslim immigrants are shocked by events in Norway and wonder if there should be crackdowns on right wing extremists or should there be crackdowns on Muslim immigrants?

Reality is during the past half century a world wide migration has left millions of immigrants in nations far from their native lands. If one gazes back and then gazes forward, it is apparent the world is witnessing historic shifts in population and they will not halt regardless of laws and restrictions. I was born in 1930 at a time when Catholics were a persecuted minority in America, today they are now part of the “majority.” We have to allow time to flow because eventually we will all be mixed up.